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5 easy ways to get involved in sustainable fashion

by Megan Crosby
5 easy ways to get involved in sustainable fashion

By Megan Crosby - August 9th 2020

5 fun and easy ways to get involved with sustainable fashion

Eco-friendly style doesn’t have to be boring, beige or basic

Been thinking about fashion and sustainability for a while? Me too.

I absolutely love clothes, but after reading up on the fashion industry I realised if we carry on polluting the planet things are going to get seriously scary. So I decided to switch up my shopping habits to try and be more conscious. But if you’ve only ever shopped on the high street it can be bloody hard to know where to start.

When I heard the words ‘ethical clothing’, I used to think of unflattering beige dresses that looked like old sacks, or the super bougie loungewear that influencers wear. You know the ones that are space grey or nude, with no trims, details or prints? Totally not my vibe (as you can probs guess).

But after doing A LOT of googling I realised there are plenty of ways you can look after the planet and still let your personality shine through in your clothes. You just have to be a little bit crafty, spend some time searching and be willing to do things differently.

You ready? Here are five fun ways you can embrace sustainable fashion easily.

5 easy ways to get involved in sustainable fashion

1. Revamp what you already have 

 💗 Upcycle your old pieces and give 'em a new lease of life 💗

Make like Marie Kondo and have a clear out of your wardrobe. Create a pile of everything you’re not into anymore, but before you throw it away, think about what exactly it is you dislike.

Not into the colour? Try tie-dying it babe.

Badly fitting jeans? Cut them up and turn them into shorts.

Scuffed trainers? Superglue some rhinestones on those beauts and you’re good to go.

Having a go at trying to customise your clothes yourself is super fun, and if you’re stuck for ideas there are tons of DIY videos on Youtube. Raw hems look sick anyway, so don’t stress if your cutting isn’t super neat.

Take a look at this old bobbly cardigan of mine, for example.  I found it in the back of my wardrobe, thought... hmm, I know there's something I can do to give this a gorg new lease of life  So, I dug out our de-bobbler, and dyed it with some planet-friendly dyes in our washing machine.  Now... she's beaut. 

2 - Give secondhand shopping a go

Vintage shops, eBay or Depop are the obvious places people go to buy secondhand clothes, but now that being eco-friendly is majorly on-trend prices are rising and the quality is dropping.

If you’re willing to do some rummaging and give up an afternoon to search for some bargains, there are tons of more slightly unusual places to pick up some lush pre-loved pieces. Car boot sales and garage sales are a great shout, as is raiding the wardrobe of your loved ones. Snag your nan’s old pleated skirt and cinch it in with a cute belt or cut up your dad’s old sweatshirt and turn it into a cool oversized crop top.

If online is your only option, try some of the lesser known resale sites like Hardly Ever Worn It, Vinted or even Facebook. They have less sellers but also fewer people shopping, so if you keep an eye out you can find some true gems.

3 - Become besties with a tailor (or your mum, or a mate that can sew)

Being able to alter clothes is honestly game changing when it comes to being sustainable. You can fix holes in your clothes, repair them if they break, or alter anything you own that doesn’t fit right. With most clothes there’s often leeway to make them bigger too, so if anything’s getting a little tight don’t assume you have to throw it away.

Just google ‘tailor’ and your local area to find your closest sewing legend. Or if you’re feeling crafty you can give mending your own clothes a go. If you want to try it for the first time and you’re a complete beginner The Sewing Directory is a great place to start. 

4 - Rent something spesh 

 ✨ Rent something spesh from @hurr ✨ 

When you’re trying not to buy fast fashion it can be hard to lose that buzz that comes with getting something new. It’s a seriously addictive feeling, so if you’re obsessed with newness you need to get involved in circular fashion.

It’s essentially the idea that clothes should be passed on from person to person endlessly. So if you want the thrill of wearing something ‘new’, try renting or borrowing clothes from someone else.

Obviously you can do this with your mates but if you want something that super glam (or maybe something you’d never be able to afford full price) check out fashion rental services. By Rotation, HURR, The Endless Wardrobe and Rotaro are some of my favs.

🌸 @ByRotation 's #WhatsMineIsYours to great way to get that 'new' yet guilt free feeling 🌸

5 - Buy less but buy better 

Being sustainable doesn’t mean never buying anything ever again. It just means being more considerate about what you purchase. Make sure to pick a style you will love and will wear for years to come.

Choose pieces made from organic, secondhand or deadstock fabric whenever possible and always make sure you know who made your clothes. If a brand gives no info on it’s manufacturing, it normally means it’s made in a sweatshop.

Almost everything from By Megan Crosby is made by hand, by me and my tiny team. My designs are digitally printed using eco-friendly inks and any fabric offcuts I have are used to make my hair accessories.

If you’re looking for colourful, affordable and responsible fashion that doesn’t cost the earth, shop here.

By Megan Crosby is re-opening it's doors on Friday 14th of August at 6pm BST, with very limited order capacity
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