Hollie Dress

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Hollie has an interesting back story… I initially made her as part of my Final Major Project when I was at uni.  I found her in the back of my wardrobe recently and I thought…. DAMN, I need to let others get their hands on her!   She’s sexy and sparkly and a bloody dream. 

Now, I have one pre-made in an XS.  It will most likely fit a 6 or a small 8.  I have enough of this gorgeous fabric to make ONE MORE!  This fabric I found when I was in Paris, so you are sure she is luxurious as anything!  This does however mean I am unsure of the fabric composition, but a win for sustainability as otherwise this fabric would just be sitting in my house and never ever get used.  Avoiding waste and looking bloody FABULOUS!  You could be one of only two people in the WORLD to have this stunning dress.  Buy her now, or regret it forever.


Made in the UK by me, to your personal order.  Model wears a small. Please leave your size/measurements in the notes section at checkout. This baby is made in the best possible environment with sustainability as key focus throughout production.


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