Megan Crosby is a brand for women who love fashion, but hate the impact of fashion on our planet. As a brand I exist to offer you high quality, luxury fashion at an reasonable price. A brand that encourages you to only buy products you truly love; only shop with me if you will really cherish, love and wear these pieces over and over.  I’m encouraging you to buy less, choose better and love more.


I want to offer you a guilt free experience; for the planet, for your bank balance and a true delight for your wardrobe. Seventy percent* of my collections use totally sustainable materials (starting with the Autumn/Winter collection, launching in October) and all products I currently sell are either in Last Chance to Buy (a small collection of all my products from my first every By Megan Crosby collection, made totally sustainably by me in the UK however with standard cotton blend fabrics.  This collection will be available until 6.10.19 and any left over fabrics will be recycled or donated) or they are apart of the Organic Cottons Collection.  The rest of the first collection has now been upgraded from it's initial release and will be being made from totally organic cottons.    




Based in Portsmouth, England, all my products are either created by me (Megan Crosby) in my ‘studio’ (dining room) or from sustainable, researched sources.


Who am I?


I graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth with an BA Hons Degree in Fashion Design in 2018 and I could never really decide what I wanted to do. I always knew that I loved fashion and styling but I’ve got a very entrepreneurial side to me; I started my first label when I was 15 and ran it until my second year of university.


For about six months post graduating, I saw what a devastating impact fast fashion was having on the planet and what a bad precedent our industry was setting; I decided to launch my label and create something that will make positive, important change in the fashion industry. If I’m gonna add to this industry, I’m gonna do it right.  I’m truly passionate about shopping less, choosing better and loving more.


If you have any questions at all about me, the process behind the brand feel free to email me or send me a message on my social channels! 



Instagram: @bymegancrosby





* 70% of all new collections beginning with the Autumn/Winter Collection which launches end of October.  All products on the website in the Organic Cottons Collection are made of organic cottons - all other collections will be discontinued end of October.