About the brand

Hi, I’m Megan! 
I created By Megan Crosby for women who love fashion, but hate the impact it has on the planet. 
That's me  ^ (like my brand... my style can sometimes be a bit out there)
Since the age of 14 I’ve been sewing and making clothes. I started out designing cushions and kimonos for myself and ended up launching a festival fashion brand called Shop Genoa, where I sold made to order co-ords, kimonos and all sorts of fun festival things. 
(me back in 2014, making and wearing my Shop Genoa creations... don't judge the hair, I was 16). 
I loved it and it really blew up on Instagram, but I was so young and had no experience, so I ended up closing shop when I was old enough to go to uni. After graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth with an BA in Fashion Design back in 2018, I realised the environmental damage that the clothing industry is responsible for. And to be honest, I was horrified.
I had always loved fashion but knew something had to change, so I started searching for sustainable brands to shop from. What I found was either really expensive or pretty boring, with most brand’s focusing on basic pieces in neutral tones.
So I decided to create the colourful, ethical label I was so desperately looking for.
And in May 2019 By Megan Crosby was born.
Every piece is designed and handmade by me from the comfort of my Portsmouth home studio (aka my dining room). I use only organic, deadstock and sustainable fabrics as well as environmentally-friendly dyes, to make sure I’m not harming the planet when I make pretty things.
Each item is made to order, so I can be sure that as well as giving you the perfect fit, I’m also not wasting any fabric. All of my designs are modifiable, so if you see a piece and wish the hemline was slightly longer or the neckline was a tad higher, get in touch and I should be able to create something bespoke for you.
I work all hours of the day and night on the brand and am never not thinking about By Megan Crosby. Being my own boss really feels like it's in my bones! I package every order, reply to every customer message on social media and am very much a one woman show. I am not backed by a big corporation, but I am doing all I can to change the fashion industry for the better.
All of my clothing is designed to last for years to come, so please only shop with me if you will really cherish, love and wear these styles over and over. 
Together we can dress bright, make better shopping decisions and buy fashion with a clear conscience.