Custom Size

How to Measure Yourself

A major mission of the By Megan Crosby brand is to be inclusive and make fun fashion for all of us. That’s why I offer custom sizing. It’s a bespoke service which is totally free at no additional cost to you, to ensure your garms fit you like a dream.

Full bust

How to:

Stand tall and relax. Measure around the fullest part of your bust and hold the tape measure taught. Not to tight, not loose. Taught. That's your bust, babe.


How to:

Make sure you're standing tall and relaxed. Measure around the smallest area - that's your waist. Make sure you aren't breathing in, or your garm will be too tight. Relax, you're gorg.

Shoulder to shoulder

How to:

For this, imagine you're wearing a bardot top. That's where you're gonna measure. Measure from the middle of your arm, to the middle of your other arm. You got it!

Top of arm

How to:

Grab your tape measure and wrap it around the top of your arm, like the drawing shows. Again, not too tight or you won't be able to move... no one wants that.

Neck to waist

How to:

So babe, remember the waist measurement we took a moment ago? Measure from the nape of your neck (just below where a choker or round neck top would sit) down to your waist.


How to:

Now, I only need this if you're ordering a long sleeve item, so if you are, just follow the diagram girl! You got this.


How to:

You want to measure around the widest part of your lower body. This is ya booty, basically.

Leg length

How to:

From the waist point we just measured, measure down to just above your ankle. Try to get someone to help with this one if you can. No one wants an accidental ankle basher. Not a lewk.


How to:

Measure around the top of one of your thighs. It's super easy, but if you're not sure, check the diagram.

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