The Sustainability

By Megan Crosby is an alternative to the awful fast fashion giants that are polluting our planet and severely underpaying their workers. I only have a small team of six, but I’m determined to make fun fashion fair for all.

I pledge:

To use only sustainable, deadstock, remnant and organic fabrics.
To work exclusively with OEKO-TEX certified environmentally-friendly dyes.
To have 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging.
To design fashion that’s made to last.
To create minimal waste.
To treat all of my team ethically and equally.
To create all By Megan Crosby clothing in-house*.

*By Megan Crosby organic cotton T-shirts are the only items we don’t sew ourselves. They are sourced from a UK supplier who gives us 100% organic Indian cotton (certified by the Global Organic Standard) from an Indian factory that always pays its workers fairly.