The Sustainability Pledge

In a cultural, political and societal time such as now, throwaway culture is at it's absolute prime.   Fast fashion giants are producing hundreds of thousands of items of clothing a DAY, big companies DO NOT care about their customer or the people that make their products... They care about profits and making money.  Fast fashion is dangerously risking lives of garment workers and the environmental planetary impact is massive. (read more here, watch this, look at brands online fashion retail giants; why are they selling 1000's of dresses a day at £5? Why is this dress £5?  Who made it? What are they being paid hourly? What are their working conditions, their start & finish times? This is slave labour. This is not something I am going to accept.

Mid September 2019 I went comp shopping around London (competition shopping - you analyse similar brands and what you can do to make your brand better).  I went around some of the high end stores in central London and thought, what can I bring to you that you can’t get elsewhere and from these other brands? I noticed that all of these gorgeous high end brands are amazing in their own ways, but when you buy from me you’re buying small - you’re buying from a girl who is literally making collections in her DINING ROOM.  Possibly not a point to brag about, but when I launched this label, I wanted to create a place for you to shop where you could buy something gorgeous, really stylish and of incredible quality, but without worrying where it’s come from and if it’s damaging our planet. I noticed that a bunch of brands are still using polyesters, nlyons, cottons… Fashion is the third most polluting industry on the planet - I’m not gonna sit by and keep allowing my brand to contribute to that. 


So, I decided on the 12th of September 2019 that I am going to be creating collections with 70% sustainable fabrics and materials.  From right now all of my current pieces made from cotton will be made from ORGANIC COTTON*.


I’ve been working so, so hard to source some really incredible fabrics that are actually SUSTAINABLE.  It’s bloody hard to find things that aren’t bloody boring, tbh.  But that is my promise to you - 70% of all fabrics I use from here on out (26.09.19), will be sustainably sourced.  Now, I know you may think "70% that’s crap, that’s not 100%", but the mere fact that I am a one women organisation means that I am a hell of a lot more sustainable as an option then shopping the high street where you will have 30,000 workers churning out hundreds upon thousands of pieces of poor quality clothing every single day (think back to those fashion giants I was just talking about - that's what they do).  Instead, you’re supporting a small business women, a high quality product, a slow fashion attitude with minimal wastage. Plus, all my scraps get re-used and recycled plus I only use recyclable packaging, too. 


I design, source high quality fabrics, pattern cut, manufacture, pack, post all of the garments myself.  Meaning that I can keep costs and waste down by making to order and knowing exactly what happens in every single step of the production process from design, to shipping. Slow, well designed fashion, built to last.  I don't bulk buy fabrics anymore (what fabrics I did bulk buy are now being used for products in the Last Chance to Buy collection, what doesn't sell I will be recyling or donating) so that no fabric is being wasted or not used.  Plus, making to order means items will fit you like a glove!


I’m going to try my hardest to be as sustainable as possible throughout my entire design and manufacture process, but if you have any questions let me know and I’d love to fill you in. I’m planning to share lots and lots of interesting facts and information with you about how your clothes are made, where the fabrics come from and general things you ought to know about what you wear!