sustainable, slow fashion

A brand for women who love fashion, but are conscious of the impact it has on our planet.  I exist to offer you high quality, luxury fashion made sustainably to your personal order.  I’m encouraging you to buy less, choose better and love more. So I'm super happy you're here. 

Cherub Sweatshirt

Back by popular demand; the cherub motif that started this whole brand.  Made & printed onto organic cotton.

How to Style - the Selfie Gallery

Welcome to the selfie gallery.  As a small businesss, I don't always have the budget to do a photoshoot everytime I make a new product.  And you know I get too excited to wait to shoot a new collection - there comes in the humble mirror selfie.  Read the biweekly blog series, showing you different ways to style up my pieces.  Browse designs in these selfies and see them in a real-life (as real a selfie can be) setting. See yourself in these cute pieces? You can shop them as you look.