sustainable, slow fashion

By Megan Crosby is a made to order whimsical fashion label for girls who wants to shop impactfully. Born out of a personal adoration of fashion, shopping and a background in design and entrepreneurship, I decided to create the fashion label I was so desperately looking for.  The fashion industry is responsible for monumental damage on our planet, and I decided I wouldn’t stand by and buy into it anymore.  My brand’s core values are based on sustainability (over 70% of materials I use are totally sustainably sourced, and growing), responsibility and buying quality product, you can keep and wear for years.  My fashion label is reactive to your need for fashion, but it is made to order by myself, using premium fabrics to the absolute highest quality. 

By Megan Crosby’s mission is to inspire you to shop sustainably.  So you can have a positive impact on the earth, the environment and your wardrobe.


custom printed organic cotton