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5 Ways to Reduce Waste this Cyber Week - By Megan Crosby

5 Ways to Reduce Waste this Cyber Week

As festive season approaches, Cyber Week sales & party outfit ideas start to spark in our heads, I wanted to chat a little about it all. Social media and our promotions inboxes are very loud this week & I wanted to take a second.  It’s all a lot, isn’t it?!


I feel like this time of year is so divided and although I won’t be doing a Black Friday sale, I totally understand why people love them.


There’s a lot of opinion floating around, and wherever you sit, that’s okay.  It’s okay to love to shop a sale. It’s okay to need to get things on sale.  It’s also a-okay to buy yourself a that expensive household item on Black Friday… cause you were gonna buy it anyway, so why not get 50% off? And, its 2020.  You deserve a treat.  But, it’s also fine, if you don’t shop at all.  You’ve got to do you!


However, for me, sustainability is my key driver as a business and as a human.  All my choices are centred around what I can do to make a difference.  For me, that means no fast fashion, only buying things I need or know I will really love, eating a vegetarian (partially vegan) diet, recycling… so many other things. (Of course, I ultimately know that it’s the major corporations doing the most damage, but I try & do my best.  As they say – everyone doing a little imperfectly is better than nothing at all)


As we enter Cyber Week, I wanted to chat about a few ways we can make it easier on the planet, on the people who make all those discounted products and on ourselves as a society.


If you can, shopping small is an amazing option. Choose well and buy things you’re going to love, look after and keep.  There’s a lot of *buy buy buy* going on down to discounting – which is great if you need a new fridge or a TV or even a winter coat.  But, when it comes to fashion (particularly fast fashion) take it slow, really think about the pieces in your basket & don’t fall for the scarcity tactics of the likes of Asos who do 2 hours sales (what is that about?!).  It’s a gimmick to get you to give them your money.


Sustainable fashion has value all year long – that’s why I won’t be discounting my product.  That’s not to say that discounting is bad – it certainly isn’t.  However, for By Megan Crosby (and lots and lots of other small businesses), we can’t afford to heavily discount products as we have much smaller profit margins than big brands.  I literally cannot afford to discount my product.  Any discounts that I offer, are direct cuts to wages.  


I totally understand however, that sustainable fashion isn’t necessarily an option for everyone.  It’s not cheap and there’s reason for that, which I try to break down as much as I can and be as transparent as possible.  But, if you can shop sustainable (and you want to), it’s a great option.


5 other ways to reduce waste this cyber week:


  • Think about your purchases. Do you need it?  Have you been thinking about it for a while?  Will you love it , use it & look after it?  Then buy it babe!
  • Shop second hand or vintage instead.
  • I love the idea of renting and need to get BMC into it ASAP.  By Rotation, Hurr & onloan are all amazing companies where you can rent the most gorgeous of styles, for the smallest of prices.
  • ‘The most sustainable dress is the one you already have’ I’ve read this over and over and it’s so true. Why not restyle pieces you already own or upcycle?  You don’t have to shop at all.
  • Shop small. Someone will be able to pay their bills, or buy a Christmas present for their loved ones.  Or eat that week. You’ll also be supporting a dream.  Not to mention, small businesses appreciate your sale SO much more than big brands & in general, generate so much less waste.


If you do like the idea of shopping small – we are opening for the final time this year on Friday.  Although we won’t be offering any discounts, we will be making gorgeous things, made with so so much love and gratitude.  If you’d like some BMC in your wardrobe, or under the tree, we’re opening on Friday at 6pm GMT.  Happy shopping & happy festive season.


Stay safe out there babes!


Megan x

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